Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs

Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs

What are the pros and cons between Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs. Read at this blog post everything about Generic Drugs vs Brand Drugs …

Brand Name Drugs

When pharmaceutical companies discover new medicines, they always try to patent this and in 90% of the cases they are successful. Of course when you want to sell your product, in this case a medication, you try to give it a good name which makes sense and is catchy – hence the Brand Name of Drugs! Popular and well known brand name drugs are Viagra, Xanax, Cialis, Ventolin, Valium, Propecia etc… however after time, 10 years, the patent expires and other pharmaceutical companies are allowed to produce similar drugs like the brand versions … generic drugs …

Generic Drugs

As mentioned above, after 10 years the patent normally expires and therefore the market for drugs is more open! Brand Drugs always have an active ingredient which is crucial for the working. This active ingredient is widely available, normally cheap and easy to produce and therefore it is very easy to copy the brand name drugs into generic drugs.

The advantage of this is that Generic Drugs are much cheaper, more widely available and sometimes available in more different versions!

We are ourselves a fan of generic drugs as they are a great way to save money on health costs and recommend to buy drugs online at an online pharmacy or online drugstore which is in business for many years!


You are wise to consider generic drugs as there is absolutely no difference between generic drugs and brand name drugs, due to the fact they contain the same active ingredients. On top of the price is up to 70% cheaper, a “no-brainer” we would say …

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